Necessary Evil

Conversations in the Dark

11th July 2014

The tunnel was some sort of natural fissure, and indeed it did lead into a series of natural caverns. Hopefully they were getting ward now, and it was preferable anyway to tramping through the sewers.

As they moved through a maze of small passages Secutor was aware that they were being shadowed. He passed this information on to the others, and they started to proceed more cautiously. There was a suspicion of many bodies flitting around them in the darkness. They stopped. Seemingly nominated, Arrowhead stepped forward, trying hard to sound unlike an uncaring ruthless killer.

“We are not enemies. We are an Omega Cell fighting against the V’ sori. We are looking for the old secret base of Terron. We may be able to use his power plant to assist in our operations against the aliens.”

There was silence. Arrowhead bt her tongue; her next words came very hard to her.

“We are unlikely to find it without your help”, she said. “We need your assistance.”

A slim, blonde haired woman wearing an eyepatch stepped forward.

“Go on” she said simply. They stated their case.

She called and another girl came forward and put her arm around the others waist, kissing her full on the lips. The eyepatch woman said something to her, and the other pouted, looked at Arrowhead, and vanished into the darkness. A tense wait followed.

A few minutes later a scruffy looking man appeared.

“This is Ross”, said the woman. " He will lead you there: there is only one entrance now through an old service passage. But I warn you: the lair is guarded – only death awaits you there."

Arrowhead, again biting her tongue and really wanting to place an arrow in the bitch’s other eye, bowed curtly. Ross motioned and led them off.

Thirty minutes later they came to a tunnel which looked aas though it had been srilled, sloping upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. It was of perhaps six foot circumfernece, but a third of this was taken up by two large and robust pipes which came up through the rock, angled and then crawled up the tunnel.

“Maybe a geothermal tap?” speculated Fixer.

“I’ll wait here” said Ross. “Good luck”. Carefully manoevering the grav sled bearing the interface device, they started to climb their way up the tunnel.



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