Necessary Evil

Double Down

19th July 2014

Fixer had been fiddling with the captured Fin Combat armour they had retrieved, stripping off the various armor plates and refashioning them to create an armoured bodysuit he could wear underneath his trademark aviator’s coat and flying helmet. He would have got round to it earlier but the Doctor had also instructed him to manufacture a costume for Mary Clinton, or Havok as he was now calling her.

She seemed to be quite a shy girl when she had appeared for a fitting, but like most teenagers he supposed, she had seemed adamant on what looked ‘cool’ and what didn’t. It was easier to just give in and do as she asked.

Havok was reticent about the conversations she had with the Doctor: no doubt he had put the fear of God into her. She tried on her new costume and seemed to like it: a dark blue sleeveless bodysuit reinforced with armor plates, and set off with bracers and a visor: she refused to wear a helmet. It was then that the message came through.

“Milton Forrester has betrayed us. He has arranged a meeting with a V’sori Battle-Master named K’mang. This meeting will occur, only not as planned.”

“You are to intercept Forrester and keep him under wraps. I have arranged for you to link up with Guy ‘Mimic’ Marquess, who will take his place for the meeting with K’mang. You must protect Mimic while he meets with the V’sori Battle-Master. Our intention is to have Mimic pass along disinformation about our efforts to the V’sori. If there is trouble, ensure that he is extracted safely. Mimic is Omega’s best infiltrator, a talent we can not afford to lose. Forrester, on the other hand, is expendable. Learn everything he knows about Omega before dropping him from a very high place.”

The Doctor noticed Havok in the background.

“And take Havok with you. She needs field experience. Secutor: give her that Warp Shunt Bracelet you captured. She is far more valuable than you.” He nodded at Havok. “It is as we discussed, My Dear.”

“Good idea” said Arrowhead, “After all we don’t want him just ducking out to save his own skin”



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