Necessary Evil

Getting Things Straight

10th July 2014

Over the next few days mysterious deliveries started to appear in the floor area of the deserted Crespy Warehouse. Food, commlinks, even replacement costumes and body armour. Fixer was delighted to find a V’Sori Blaster – this time converted to be used by him.

Secutor had disappeared for 48 hours: he had needed to return to his own lab to repair his armour, and late one night he managed to sneak back without incident.

The next day they discovered another mysterious addition to their warehouse, and recieved another call from Dr. Destruction.

“The information you brought me reveals that there is a power source located deep beneath Star City that the aliens haven’t discovered. I need access to that power source for my own purposes. “Finding it won’t be easy, however. It was created by the villain named Terron some years ago, and its exact location died with him. It is my belief that the Undergrounders who live beneath the city know its location. Persuading them to share this information is another matter."

“You’ll need a very heavy piece of equipment to make the power terminal useful to me. You’ll find it in the warehouse where I left you. Be sure one of you can carry it, or find another way to transport it.”

Down in the warehouse they examined the latest delivery. It looked something like a high tech portable generator, encased within a rusty metal frame. It was spectacularly heavy. Fixer and Secutor examined it, and decided it was a power relay: a device that would beam
power directly to other relays, presumably to where Dr. destruction wanted it.

A thick but very short power coupling rested on a hook on one side, ready to be plugged in – presumably to Terron’s power terminal as it did not fit any standard connections. A single telescoping titanium rod was also visible in the machine’s top, recessed in a deep tube. It seemed obvious that the rod wouldl expand at some point — most likely when the device was powered up.

“How are we going to take it with us?” asked Harrier. Fixer scratched his head.

“I suppose I could dismount some of modules from my devices, and rig up some sort of simple anti gravity raft” he suggested.

“Simple?” asked Harrier, raising her eyebrows.

“I’m a genius, remember” replied Fixer smugly.



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