Necessary Evil

Going Underground

10th July 2014

Secutor’s research had indicated that there were three likely ways into the caverns beneath Star City, all beginning with the sewers. Possible entry points were secluded manhole covers, enlarged drainage pipes, or deserted pump stations. In the end there were some manhole entrances within a few streets of their current location, and so in the end, late at night, they had plumped for one of these.

The next two hours were spent fairly unpleasantly, negotiating a series of damp, muck -encrusted brick and stone passages that wound beneath the city proper. They were following mere rumours, indicated and annotated on the set of plans Dr. Destruction had provided them with.

Eventually they found themselves at some sort of junction, with the sound of flowing water ahead of them. Three pipes led out toward the sound, and these all emerged into some sort of main junction chamber.

This was very large, and was flooded with noisome water merging from the several pipes that led into it. On the far side emerged a sort of maintenance platform, and on this were steps leading away and upwards, as well as lever for pumping and opening apparatus. On either side of this the water was being churned up and aerated by slowly rotating blades.

A ladder had been rigged up to the top of one of the pumps, and planks had been ranged from this across a fifteen foot gap to a hole in the wall across which a now hanging grille had been placed. It certainly didn’t look like formal sewer maintenance access: perhaps this was one of the entrances they had been looking for? There was a problem however.

What it was, none of them knew. Somehad heard rumours of the alien beasts the V ’ sori had released into the sewers to destroy any hidden resistance fighters. The thing was ten feet long, covered in chitinous plates and had the appearance of a ruthless killing machine. A series of tentacles around its enormous jaws swivelled towards Arrowhead, and the thing dived into the water and snaked towards the pipe outlet, only three feet below Arrowheads feet. She decided that this was a situation best evaluated at a distance, and ran.

Harrier and Secutor flew to the top of the ceiling, while Fixer teleported across to the machinery platform. Another of the beasts emerged from the foul water. Secutor fired his wrist blasters at the thing, to seemingly little effect. Quickly evaluating the creature, Harrier flew across to the hole in the wall they had spied. Fixer followed, deciding that fleeing seemed like a good idea.

Arrowhead could not fly or teleport. As she ran back through the pipes she head the creature haul its bulk up into the pipe and follow her. As she came back to the junction room she threw her flashlight forward toward the far pipe exit, and turned left into the middle pipe, back towards the main junction chamber. Her hope was that the thing, currently slowed by negotiating a corner in the pipe, would rush towards the torch and miss her hidden in the middle pipe.

She made her way to the end of the pipe only to see the second beast: fortunately it could not reach up into the higher exit, where she could see Fixer and Harrier. Secutor was still hovering out of reach and firing ineffectual potshots.

Behind her she heard a roar: the torch had in fact frightened the beast, and turned it left into the very pipe she was standing in.

With only one chance to act she nocked a line arrow, fired it around some upper pipework, grabbed hold of the line and swung in a wide arc towards the exit tunnel, narrowly missing the snapping jaws of the second beast. Fixer reached out to steady her.

“Let’s go!” shouted Harrier, and they fled off down the tunnel, with the beasts growling in frustration behind them.



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