Necessary Evil

Halfway House

5th July 2014

Doctor Destruction had swooped down to extract them soon after they exited, and he snapped the nullifier bracelets off Mindjack, who started to come round.

“Well done” he sneered. “I suppose I might make something of you yet. For now, I need to destroy your tagging devices.”

He produced a small tube like device, and held it near each of their necks.

“There. The V’ sori can no longer trace you. I can of course, and I will be in contact. For now, take those dufflebags over there.”

The side door of the M’ Buna opened, and fixer saw that they were in a run down warehouse district, somewhere in Star City. The Doctor pointed at a nearby warehouse.

“You’ll find some rooms in there we’ve prepared as a safe house. Keep a low profile for the next few days. You’re an Omega Cell now whether you like it or not. I’ll be in touch.”

A set of keys opened a side door, and they entered the deserted building. Following their directions they found a couple of interior rooms, without a window view: probably former offices. These however had been made secure, and converted into a habitable area, complete with several small bunkrooms, showers and basic facilities. Strong metal shutters covered the windows, but hidden cameras gave a view outside into the darkened warehouse.

Wearily they each claimed a bunking area, and were soon asleep exhausted.



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