Necessary Evil

Meeting the First Family (14th July 2014)

14th July 2014

Fifteen minutes later they landed the stolen Manta and M ‘Buna on a remote section of beach up the coast They were met by Dr. Destruction in his cloaked vehicle, and his guards piloted the two craft away, while the Clintons and the Omega Team filed inside the Doctor’s M’ Buna.

As they strapped themselves inside there was an awkward silence. Mary tried to put her hand on her grandmother’s arm but she threw it off.

“Get away from me you little freak!” she yelled.

“Mother….” said Chelsea.

“And you! Sleeping with that villain Hydra.” screamed Hilary. “I might have known his brat would turn into a freak like her father!” During the later stages of the fight, Mary had used some sort of Force Field power to shield Harrier and Fixer.

“And after all the trouble we went to with that nice gay actor to pose as your husband, you ungrateful little……”

The door opened and in walked the imposing figure of Doctor Destruction.

“Well, well. All happy and grateful to be rescued I see” his synthesized voice proclaimed, with just the right hint of sarcasm. The First Lady stood up and gazed at him with steely eyes.

“I am the legitimate President of the United States, and I demand…..” she began. The Doctor held up the armoured palm of his hand.

“Madame. As the Head of the Omega resistance you are useful to me as a Figurehead.” he said impassively. “But, as you were no doubt about to tell me, I am a heartless super villain. Rest assured that your far more amenable daughter or your gifted grand child would make equally good, if not better, figureheads: which circumstance could easily render you obsolete.”

“Are you threatening me?” demanded Mrs. Clinton.

“Yes” said the Doctor simply. “Now shut up, play along and you will be well treated. Otherwise ……” he let the words tail off. Hilary bit her lip and sat down.

Fixer watched as a medic patched him up. He agreed with the Doctor on the basis that Chelsea and Mary were far better looking: Hilary was simply past her Prime.

“How very unlike the home life of our own Dear Queen” said Arrowhead ironically.



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