Necessary Evil

Power Up

11th July 2014

As Fixer and Secutor manoevered the grav sled and set up the relay, Harrier did a little remedial electronics work on the robot with her talons. They didn’t want the thing working again.

Arrowhead had staggered to her feet, and tore her cloak apart, padding her costume and strapping it around her wound. She swallowed a stim capsule.

Once plugged in and activated, the relay operated with a mind of its own. The telescopic arm extended to a height of about ten feet, and a number of dials and panels in the chamber started to hum and flicker to life. Clearly, Doctor Destruction had this all planned out.

The comm units flickered into life.

“It would seem that you have been successful” said the Doctor. “I’m starting to power up the old Alpha Force Base. Hopefully, I will be able to make some interesting discoveries. You should return now.” The view screen flicked off.

“A Thanks would have been nice” complained Fixer.



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