Necessary Evil

Terron's Lair

11th July 2014

At the top of the hole, they saw a brightly lit and very warm chamber. At the far side was a massive, tower-like device, crackling with purple energy Several large entrances were visible around the chamber’s perimeter, but all had been collapsed by careful demolition.

Littering the floor between a drainage grille hole and a large terminal at the center of the chamber were the corpses of several of the large creatures they had encountered down in the sewers.

Nearby stood the author of their demise — one of Terron’s trademark robots! An 8’ tall iron monstrosity with large scythe-like hands and thick, spiked legs As Fixer looked into the chamber, it swivelled its head round and pounded towards them.

The chamber was tall, and Harrier and Secutor both flew high out of the robot’s reach. Fixer teleported to the top of the computer bank. The giant robot swung out with a scythed arms, giving him a nasty shock with its extended reach. Fortunately it missed, and he jumped further back.

Taking advantage of the distraction, and without special movement powers, Arrowhead ran around the edge of the room toward the far side of the computer bank, giving the robot a wide berth.

Secutor fired his wrist blasters, while Harrier positioned herself for a hit and run attack. With his blaster Fixer also shot at the creature. Fortunately it had no ranged weapons to return the complement.

Eventually it started to move around the computer bank in an attempt to reach Fixer. Seeing an opportunity Harrier swooped in, slashed, and swooped out again, her speed evading the robot’s flailing arms.

They had hit it several times now, and had even caused it some damage, though apparently to little effect. But now it saw Arrowhead in the corner of the chamber. Even as she tried to dodge one of the blades slashed across her front and crumpled her to the floor.

Harrier and Fixer distracted it, always hovering slightly out of reach.

Secutor pondered on the situation, when he noticed that at the rear of the robots head there was a panel.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” he thought, and fired, blasting the cover clean off. He fired again, and this time the robots armed dropped limply to the floor, as it seemingly powered down.



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