Warp Shunt


Appearing in the black market shortly after the appearance of the aliens (and assumed to be of alien origin), warp shunts are small short-range teleport devices, used for surprise assaults or quick escapes These devices look like oversized plastic wristwatches with a green-glowing displays The user can set a teleport destination within 1 mile by specifying latitude, longitude and sea level height.

There is then a 5-round power-up before the teleport occurs, during which the user and all his belongings up to 100 lbs are transferred to the specified location

Alternately, the warp shunt can be used without coordinates, in which case it immediately sends the user 1 mile in a random direction! Warp shunts are one-use items, the power surge caused by the teleport burns out the circuits Wearing more than one warp shunt is dangerous, as there is a 1 in 6 chance that a random teleport is triggered in each additional warp shunt.

Wt; 1 lb


Warp Shunt

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