Necessary Evil

Double Down
19th July 2014

Fixer had been fiddling with the captured Fin Combat armour they had retrieved, stripping off the various armor plates and refashioning them to create an armoured bodysuit he could wear underneath his trademark aviator’s coat and flying helmet. He would have got round to it earlier but the Doctor had also instructed him to manufacture a costume for Mary Clinton, or Havok as he was now calling her.

She seemed to be quite a shy girl when she had appeared for a fitting, but like most teenagers he supposed, she had seemed adamant on what looked ‘cool’ and what didn’t. It was easier to just give in and do as she asked.

Havok was reticent about the conversations she had with the Doctor: no doubt he had put the fear of God into her. She tried on her new costume and seemed to like it: a dark blue sleeveless bodysuit reinforced with armor plates, and set off with bracers and a visor: she refused to wear a helmet. It was then that the message came through.

“Milton Forrester has betrayed us. He has arranged a meeting with a V’sori Battle-Master named K’mang. This meeting will occur, only not as planned.”

“You are to intercept Forrester and keep him under wraps. I have arranged for you to link up with Guy ‘Mimic’ Marquess, who will take his place for the meeting with K’mang. You must protect Mimic while he meets with the V’sori Battle-Master. Our intention is to have Mimic pass along disinformation about our efforts to the V’sori. If there is trouble, ensure that he is extracted safely. Mimic is Omega’s best infiltrator, a talent we can not afford to lose. Forrester, on the other hand, is expendable. Learn everything he knows about Omega before dropping him from a very high place.”

The Doctor noticed Havok in the background.

“And take Havok with you. She needs field experience. Secutor: give her that Warp Shunt Bracelet you captured. She is far more valuable than you.” He nodded at Havok. “It is as we discussed, My Dear.”

“Good idea” said Arrowhead, “After all we don’t want him just ducking out to save his own skin”

Meeting the First Family (14th July 2014)
14th July 2014

Fifteen minutes later they landed the stolen Manta and M ‘Buna on a remote section of beach up the coast They were met by Dr. Destruction in his cloaked vehicle, and his guards piloted the two craft away, while the Clintons and the Omega Team filed inside the Doctor’s M’ Buna.

As they strapped themselves inside there was an awkward silence. Mary tried to put her hand on her grandmother’s arm but she threw it off.

“Get away from me you little freak!” she yelled.

“Mother….” said Chelsea.

“And you! Sleeping with that villain Hydra.” screamed Hilary. “I might have known his brat would turn into a freak like her father!” During the later stages of the fight, Mary had used some sort of Force Field power to shield Harrier and Fixer.

“And after all the trouble we went to with that nice gay actor to pose as your husband, you ungrateful little……”

The door opened and in walked the imposing figure of Doctor Destruction.

“Well, well. All happy and grateful to be rescued I see” his synthesized voice proclaimed, with just the right hint of sarcasm. The First Lady stood up and gazed at him with steely eyes.

“I am the legitimate President of the United States, and I demand…..” she began. The Doctor held up the armoured palm of his hand.

“Madame. As the Head of the Omega resistance you are useful to me as a Figurehead.” he said impassively. “But, as you were no doubt about to tell me, I am a heartless super villain. Rest assured that your far more amenable daughter or your gifted grand child would make equally good, if not better, figureheads: which circumstance could easily render you obsolete.”

“Are you threatening me?” demanded Mrs. Clinton.

“Yes” said the Doctor simply. “Now shut up, play along and you will be well treated. Otherwise ……” he let the words tail off. Hilary bit her lip and sat down.

Fixer watched as a medic patched him up. He agreed with the Doctor on the basis that Chelsea and Mary were far better looking: Hilary was simply past her Prime.

“How very unlike the home life of our own Dear Queen” said Arrowhead ironically.

Assault on Precinct 14 (14th July 2104)
14th July 2014

“We need to act fast” continued the Doctor. " I have learned that the hostages are currently being held at a former state police station on the outskirts of New York for just a few hours. However, once the V’sori Warlord who captured them finishes preening for his masters he is likely to take them directly to a Man O’ War battleship parked in low-earth orbit Once there, the family will likely endure final questioning before their televised execution around the world . We only have a window of a few hours."

“The V’sori holding compound is located in a heavily guarded state police barracks along the main highway on the outskirts of the city. My intelligence indicates that two V’sori aircraft, a M’buna and a Manta are parked outside of the facility and guarded by six Drone warriors No other security devices are apparent . The Warlord, and no doubt other guards, are inside. "

“You must formulate a plan and act quickly. I can get you within a few hundred yards. You have thirty minutes to formulate a plan before I collect you outside. That is all.”

Forty minutes later, on a warm summers evening, they stood hidden in the woods adjacent to the station. By the looks of it was some sort of former training facility – probably for new inductees. It consisted of a two storey built in typical sixties style, facing out onto a grass lawn bearing a couple of old cannon, and flanked by a number of one storey buildings forming a sort of courtyard, and guarded on the front by a tall Paladin fence and a small gatehouse.

To the front of this was a car park, and the whole was set in extensive grounds, with sports pitches and such, which clearly hadn’t been maintained in three or four years. A M’ Buna was parked on the car park, and a Manta on the grass nearby. Half a dozen Drones stood guard.

Harrier shot out and impaled one of the Manta Drones on her Talons, while the others poured fire on the other. Before they enemy even had time to react Harrier had screamed across to another two Drones standing guard outside the M’ Buna, and thrust her talons deep into the bellies of both. Putrid bile gushed out, and they toppled to the ground. The enemy were now starting to move however.

Four drones maintained a guard outside the door of the two storey building, while four others positioned themselves for a firefight with the attackers.

Arrowhead slipped forward stealthily, caught the toe of her boot in a rusty tin can, and as she kicked it off toppled over cutting her fingers on another rusty can. She howled aloud in pain, while the can she had kicked off smashed a window. Unsurprisingly, a Drone poured fire at her. She drew a bead on him and her bowstring snapped.

“This just isn’t my day” she thought.

Indeed it wasn’t. A Window smashed in the perimeter of one of the courtyard, and a K’Tharen poked its ugly snout out, pouring a hail of automatic blaster fire at her, grazing her side. Limping and useless, she staggered around behind the Manta for cover.

More K’ Tharen had poured into the courtyard to bolster the Drones, and with their aggressive tactics they started to outflank Secutor – hovering and playing an ineffectual Hit and Run using the tailplane of the Manta – and the cowering Arrowhead as she fumbled to take med stims and restring her bow.

Fixer had teleported back into the cover of the woods, and managed to take down the K’Tharen leaning out of the window with his blaster. Another appeared, and this time teleporting close he grabbed it with his paralysis gauntlet: it stood frozen, while he aimed his blaster through its mouth, blowing its head off with a spray of gore and a strong odour of fish. He climbed through the window and made his way toward the front door and the central courtyard.

Meanwhile Harrier had ambushed a K’Tharen straggler, while the remaining three poured fire at Arrowhead and Secutor, who seemed to spend most of his time hiding. Finally Arrowhead managed to restring her bow, and falling flat shot an arrow underneath the Manta and into the groin of one of the Fins, who toppled over.

Peeping out into the courtyard Fixer targeted the four Drones protecting the door with his Siren Projector, and as they staggered about stunned he yelled into his comms. In a flash Harrier flew over, and her ripping talons made short work of all four as she attacked furiously.

Meanwhile Arrowhead had disposed of another K’Tharen and a Drone, and finally poking his head out and doing something useful, Secutor got lucky and blasted the final Fin.

""Kill the Hostages!" shouted a voice from the second floor. Cursing, Fixer teleported into the ground floor and then raced for the stairs leading up.

From the upper floor more Fins in elaborate armour were now also opening windows, and Arrowhead pierced the throat of one of these, while Harrier flew up and crashed through the window into another, removing his head. As Arrowhead also raced for the building, Secutor cowered safely up on the rooftops.

On the upper floor Harrier and Fixer now found themselves in a long corridor running the front length of the building. Two Fins were in this, and one of them opened a door into a side room, from which they heard female screams. Cursing Harrier barrelled into the other, who was forced to defend himself.

Inside a small room the huge Fin confronted the First Lady, flanked by a cowering Mary and Chelsea. He grinned, and still holding his blast rifle in one hand, he held up his massive claw to rip Hilary’s head clean off.

Unknown to him, back in Yale in 1971 Hilary had attended, during her ultra feminist phase, a Male Chauvenist Pig Self Defence class taught by a huge Bull Dyke called Petunia Crowe. Occasionally she still had fantasies about the times they had in the showers afterwards: Thank God Bill never found out.

As his massive rippling muscled arm swept down towards her face she could almost hear Petunia’s strident voice blaring into her ear.

“Step to the side and punch hard into his forearm, then smack your shin in his nuts harder” And then, “I’ll see you in the showers afterwards.”

The Fin blinked in surprise as Hilary sidestepped, and then grinned in derision exposing his shark like teeth as Hilary feebly punched and hurt her shin on his body armour and thick scaled hide. Then Harrier’s claws tore two huge holes in him from behind, showering Hilary in what smelled like fish guts.

A V’sori had appeared at the end of the corridor now, and one of some status if his armour was anything to go by. He snarled and the air seemed to ripple along the corridor, staggering Harrier and knocking Fixer almost senseless. Behind them Arrowhead managed to make her way up the stairs. Harrier ducked into the room with the Clintons.

Mistakenly assuming that all was safe now, Secutor flew down from the roof and hovered outside the corridor. He decided to run again but then saw Harrier streak out through the window and outside again, tearing round in a tight circle to swoop behind the V’sori and claw though the windows at him. For form’s sake he decided to fire a shot from his blasters before skulking back off to the roof to hide.

But the V’sori was surrounded now, and without his henchmen around him he was a relatively easy mark. An arrow from Arrowhead took him in the shoulder, and together with Fixer’s Siren Projector he swayed and staggered. Harrier smiled at his surprise as her talons ripped through his chest from behind.

Secutor swooped down and shot at his corpse as he slumped to the ground. Arrowhead and Harrier looked at him contemptuously.

Public Enemies
14th July 2014

“Today grieving relatives attended the funeral of Yvette Claydermann, one of the sixteen victims murdered by the terrorists Arrowhead, Secutor, Harrier and Fixer at the Marlon Country Club during their escape from the authorities on 4th July….”

“Turn that crap off” said Arrowhead. “I don’t want to listen to that smarmy quisling bastard Pelley spreading a pack of lies about us.” Harrier switched channels to some boring twaddle about museums.

Tempers were starting to flare. Four individualistic supervillains cooped up in a warehouse did not always make for a happy time. Secutor clearly at least still had his own hideaway, and he seemed to spend about half of his time there.

Suddenly the screen went blank, and the helmeted face of Doctor Destruction appeared, clearly in a laboratory of some sort.

“I’m happy to see you’re all getting along together so well” he said, clearly with a degree of irony. “As you seem to be getting a little stale you’ll be pleased to hear that I have another little job for you.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve wading through sewers” muttered Arrowhead. They had all burned the costumes they had worn that day, and been jockeying continually to take over use of the shower.

“No it doesn’t” replied the Doctor. “I take it you’ve all heard of Chelsea Clinton?”

They nodded. She was the daughter of the vice president- technically the President now since Obama had been incinerated on the day the V’ sori sprung their surprise attack. After the betrayal, the now President Clinton and her daughter went underground, assuming a fugitive lifestyle In the ensuing years. The V’ sori made occasional newscasts about the ‘fugitive terrorists’, but they had heard nothing new for a while.

“Well President Clinton, Chelsea and her daughter Mary have just been captured.” said the Doctor.

“Oh?” said Arrowhead, “Why do we care?”

“I managed do discover some interesting facts from Alpha’s Force’s computers,” said the Doctor. “Among other things I managed to ping a Teleport Tube in Atlantis, which is apparently still operational. All we need is another Tube to get us there.”

“There is also another one much closer, who’s exact location I am at this time unable to pinpoint. However my researches lead me to conclude that this other tube is likely in fact the one stolen by Hydra – the so called ‘Mutant Mastermind’ – from Atlantis some years ago. Aided by Hydronaut I believe.”

“It was never recovered, and Hydra is still at large, though unfortunately I have no contact with him.”

“And this has what to do with the Clinton’s?” yawned Arrowhead.

“You may recall that back in 1999 Hydra kidnapped Chelsea Clinton, and then inexplicably released her after some weeks. He was never caught.” continued the Doctor.

“Sometime in the noughties I was considering a plan to clone the Clintons, the Bushes and several other notable families – I am a genius after all – but for various reasons the plan proved too resource intensive, and I never pursued it. I did however, obtain DNA samples.”

“I never thought much of it till I reviewed these recently and came up with an interesting fact: Chelsea Clinton’s daughter Mary shares the same DNA profile as Hydra.”

There was a moments silence while it sunk in. Fixer started to laugh.

“Do you mean to say”, he said, “That Hydra was S******g Chelsea Clinton?”

“Crudely put, but yes.” said the Doctor impassively. “And what is more, I suspect that she kept contact with him after her release. She may know the location of his base.”

“And that’s why you want us to rescue her?” said Arrowhead.

“Yes. But rescuing the whole First Family would also prevent a major V’sori propaganda coup of the first order. As long as they remain at large, some of America’s population are still likely to resist and assist us.”

“Even Hilary Clinton?” asked Secutor doubtfully.


Power Up
11th July 2014

As Fixer and Secutor manoevered the grav sled and set up the relay, Harrier did a little remedial electronics work on the robot with her talons. They didn’t want the thing working again.

Arrowhead had staggered to her feet, and tore her cloak apart, padding her costume and strapping it around her wound. She swallowed a stim capsule.

Once plugged in and activated, the relay operated with a mind of its own. The telescopic arm extended to a height of about ten feet, and a number of dials and panels in the chamber started to hum and flicker to life. Clearly, Doctor Destruction had this all planned out.

The comm units flickered into life.

“It would seem that you have been successful” said the Doctor. “I’m starting to power up the old Alpha Force Base. Hopefully, I will be able to make some interesting discoveries. You should return now.” The view screen flicked off.

“A Thanks would have been nice” complained Fixer.

Terron's Lair
11th July 2014

At the top of the hole, they saw a brightly lit and very warm chamber. At the far side was a massive, tower-like device, crackling with purple energy Several large entrances were visible around the chamber’s perimeter, but all had been collapsed by careful demolition.

Littering the floor between a drainage grille hole and a large terminal at the center of the chamber were the corpses of several of the large creatures they had encountered down in the sewers.

Nearby stood the author of their demise — one of Terron’s trademark robots! An 8’ tall iron monstrosity with large scythe-like hands and thick, spiked legs As Fixer looked into the chamber, it swivelled its head round and pounded towards them.

The chamber was tall, and Harrier and Secutor both flew high out of the robot’s reach. Fixer teleported to the top of the computer bank. The giant robot swung out with a scythed arms, giving him a nasty shock with its extended reach. Fortunately it missed, and he jumped further back.

Taking advantage of the distraction, and without special movement powers, Arrowhead ran around the edge of the room toward the far side of the computer bank, giving the robot a wide berth.

Secutor fired his wrist blasters, while Harrier positioned herself for a hit and run attack. With his blaster Fixer also shot at the creature. Fortunately it had no ranged weapons to return the complement.

Eventually it started to move around the computer bank in an attempt to reach Fixer. Seeing an opportunity Harrier swooped in, slashed, and swooped out again, her speed evading the robot’s flailing arms.

They had hit it several times now, and had even caused it some damage, though apparently to little effect. But now it saw Arrowhead in the corner of the chamber. Even as she tried to dodge one of the blades slashed across her front and crumpled her to the floor.

Harrier and Fixer distracted it, always hovering slightly out of reach.

Secutor pondered on the situation, when he noticed that at the rear of the robots head there was a panel.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” he thought, and fired, blasting the cover clean off. He fired again, and this time the robots armed dropped limply to the floor, as it seemingly powered down.

Conversations in the Dark
11th July 2014

The tunnel was some sort of natural fissure, and indeed it did lead into a series of natural caverns. Hopefully they were getting ward now, and it was preferable anyway to tramping through the sewers.

As they moved through a maze of small passages Secutor was aware that they were being shadowed. He passed this information on to the others, and they started to proceed more cautiously. There was a suspicion of many bodies flitting around them in the darkness. They stopped. Seemingly nominated, Arrowhead stepped forward, trying hard to sound unlike an uncaring ruthless killer.

“We are not enemies. We are an Omega Cell fighting against the V’ sori. We are looking for the old secret base of Terron. We may be able to use his power plant to assist in our operations against the aliens.”

There was silence. Arrowhead bt her tongue; her next words came very hard to her.

“We are unlikely to find it without your help”, she said. “We need your assistance.”

A slim, blonde haired woman wearing an eyepatch stepped forward.

“Go on” she said simply. They stated their case.

She called and another girl came forward and put her arm around the others waist, kissing her full on the lips. The eyepatch woman said something to her, and the other pouted, looked at Arrowhead, and vanished into the darkness. A tense wait followed.

A few minutes later a scruffy looking man appeared.

“This is Ross”, said the woman. " He will lead you there: there is only one entrance now through an old service passage. But I warn you: the lair is guarded – only death awaits you there."

Arrowhead, again biting her tongue and really wanting to place an arrow in the bitch’s other eye, bowed curtly. Ross motioned and led them off.

Thirty minutes later they came to a tunnel which looked aas though it had been srilled, sloping upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. It was of perhaps six foot circumfernece, but a third of this was taken up by two large and robust pipes which came up through the rock, angled and then crawled up the tunnel.

“Maybe a geothermal tap?” speculated Fixer.

“I’ll wait here” said Ross. “Good luck”. Carefully manoevering the grav sled bearing the interface device, they started to climb their way up the tunnel.

Going Underground
10th July 2014

Secutor’s research had indicated that there were three likely ways into the caverns beneath Star City, all beginning with the sewers. Possible entry points were secluded manhole covers, enlarged drainage pipes, or deserted pump stations. In the end there were some manhole entrances within a few streets of their current location, and so in the end, late at night, they had plumped for one of these.

The next two hours were spent fairly unpleasantly, negotiating a series of damp, muck -encrusted brick and stone passages that wound beneath the city proper. They were following mere rumours, indicated and annotated on the set of plans Dr. Destruction had provided them with.

Eventually they found themselves at some sort of junction, with the sound of flowing water ahead of them. Three pipes led out toward the sound, and these all emerged into some sort of main junction chamber.

This was very large, and was flooded with noisome water merging from the several pipes that led into it. On the far side emerged a sort of maintenance platform, and on this were steps leading away and upwards, as well as lever for pumping and opening apparatus. On either side of this the water was being churned up and aerated by slowly rotating blades.

A ladder had been rigged up to the top of one of the pumps, and planks had been ranged from this across a fifteen foot gap to a hole in the wall across which a now hanging grille had been placed. It certainly didn’t look like formal sewer maintenance access: perhaps this was one of the entrances they had been looking for? There was a problem however.

What it was, none of them knew. Somehad heard rumours of the alien beasts the V ’ sori had released into the sewers to destroy any hidden resistance fighters. The thing was ten feet long, covered in chitinous plates and had the appearance of a ruthless killing machine. A series of tentacles around its enormous jaws swivelled towards Arrowhead, and the thing dived into the water and snaked towards the pipe outlet, only three feet below Arrowheads feet. She decided that this was a situation best evaluated at a distance, and ran.

Harrier and Secutor flew to the top of the ceiling, while Fixer teleported across to the machinery platform. Another of the beasts emerged from the foul water. Secutor fired his wrist blasters at the thing, to seemingly little effect. Quickly evaluating the creature, Harrier flew across to the hole in the wall they had spied. Fixer followed, deciding that fleeing seemed like a good idea.

Arrowhead could not fly or teleport. As she ran back through the pipes she head the creature haul its bulk up into the pipe and follow her. As she came back to the junction room she threw her flashlight forward toward the far pipe exit, and turned left into the middle pipe, back towards the main junction chamber. Her hope was that the thing, currently slowed by negotiating a corner in the pipe, would rush towards the torch and miss her hidden in the middle pipe.

She made her way to the end of the pipe only to see the second beast: fortunately it could not reach up into the higher exit, where she could see Fixer and Harrier. Secutor was still hovering out of reach and firing ineffectual potshots.

Behind her she heard a roar: the torch had in fact frightened the beast, and turned it left into the very pipe she was standing in.

With only one chance to act she nocked a line arrow, fired it around some upper pipework, grabbed hold of the line and swung in a wide arc towards the exit tunnel, narrowly missing the snapping jaws of the second beast. Fixer reached out to steady her.

“Let’s go!” shouted Harrier, and they fled off down the tunnel, with the beasts growling in frustration behind them.

Getting Things Straight
10th July 2014

Over the next few days mysterious deliveries started to appear in the floor area of the deserted Crespy Warehouse. Food, commlinks, even replacement costumes and body armour. Fixer was delighted to find a V’Sori Blaster – this time converted to be used by him.

Secutor had disappeared for 48 hours: he had needed to return to his own lab to repair his armour, and late one night he managed to sneak back without incident.

The next day they discovered another mysterious addition to their warehouse, and recieved another call from Dr. Destruction.

“The information you brought me reveals that there is a power source located deep beneath Star City that the aliens haven’t discovered. I need access to that power source for my own purposes. “Finding it won’t be easy, however. It was created by the villain named Terron some years ago, and its exact location died with him. It is my belief that the Undergrounders who live beneath the city know its location. Persuading them to share this information is another matter."

“You’ll need a very heavy piece of equipment to make the power terminal useful to me. You’ll find it in the warehouse where I left you. Be sure one of you can carry it, or find another way to transport it.”

Down in the warehouse they examined the latest delivery. It looked something like a high tech portable generator, encased within a rusty metal frame. It was spectacularly heavy. Fixer and Secutor examined it, and decided it was a power relay: a device that would beam
power directly to other relays, presumably to where Dr. destruction wanted it.

A thick but very short power coupling rested on a hook on one side, ready to be plugged in – presumably to Terron’s power terminal as it did not fit any standard connections. A single telescoping titanium rod was also visible in the machine’s top, recessed in a deep tube. It seemed obvious that the rod wouldl expand at some point — most likely when the device was powered up.

“How are we going to take it with us?” asked Harrier. Fixer scratched his head.

“I suppose I could dismount some of modules from my devices, and rig up some sort of simple anti gravity raft” he suggested.

“Simple?” asked Harrier, raising her eyebrows.

“I’m a genius, remember” replied Fixer smugly.

Halfway House
5th July 2014

Doctor Destruction had swooped down to extract them soon after they exited, and he snapped the nullifier bracelets off Mindjack, who started to come round.

“Well done” he sneered. “I suppose I might make something of you yet. For now, I need to destroy your tagging devices.”

He produced a small tube like device, and held it near each of their necks.

“There. The V’ sori can no longer trace you. I can of course, and I will be in contact. For now, take those dufflebags over there.”

The side door of the M’ Buna opened, and fixer saw that they were in a run down warehouse district, somewhere in Star City. The Doctor pointed at a nearby warehouse.

“You’ll find some rooms in there we’ve prepared as a safe house. Keep a low profile for the next few days. You’re an Omega Cell now whether you like it or not. I’ll be in touch.”

A set of keys opened a side door, and they entered the deserted building. Following their directions they found a couple of interior rooms, without a window view: probably former offices. These however had been made secure, and converted into a habitable area, complete with several small bunkrooms, showers and basic facilities. Strong metal shutters covered the windows, but hidden cameras gave a view outside into the darkened warehouse.

Wearily they each claimed a bunking area, and were soon asleep exhausted.


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