House Rules

A few modifications:

Heavy Armour

As written the rules are quite unbalancing, as even a starting hero has access to a $500 set of Heavy Armour. This would lead to silly brawls where most characters could not harm their opponents, or be harmed (most Henchmen have armor of this type).

Heavy Armour is now either:

(a) Personal (ie any character armor). This negates any AP effects, unless inflicted by a Heavy Weapon, or

(b)Vehicular Hardened (ie tanks, super giant robots etc). These can ONLY be harmed by Heavy Weapons, as per the standard rules.

Background Edges

Not a rules change as such, but my interpretation of a normal rule. You cannot add background edges after character creation: end of story. This includes Luck, Quick, Brawny and several others.

Second Wind
Any super who draws a hearts face card during combat recovers one wound, one fatigue, and removes any current shaken effect.

House Rules

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