These poor souls are the epitome of a “fate worse than death ” . If the V’sori need completely obedient slaves, they subject captured foes to horribly precise lobotomies that strip them of their independence The mind inside cannot refuse its commands, betray the V’sori, or otherwise act against its masters, but it knows exactly what it’s doing!

Drones are a very uniform size of 6’ tall, and completely cloaked in armor made of advanced polymers Most Earthlings believe they are robots, though rumors of their true identity are rampant. The vast majority of drones on Earth are human, though a fair number are humanoid aliens from the last systems the V’sori conquered There are well over 100 million drones on the planet at this time.

Despite their different races, most drones have the exact same abilities All Drone equipment is internal, so it cannot be stolen Most humanoid drones look much the same, being completely encased in form-fitting body armor with visored helmets Every drone bristles with the weaponry, cables, and piping necessary for it to complete its assigned duties


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