Trick Arrows


Adhesive: Discharges a sticky, hardening goop that traps the target and holds him fast until he either breaks free or a solvent is applied Use same rules as for the POS-2 Foam Thrower, but apply to single target ($50// wt 1).

Bludgeon: Ranged punch designed to incapacitate but generally not injure the target Causes nonlethal damage ($1// wt 1).

Concussion: Delivers a charge of explosive or sonic force not unlike a close-range thunder clap, damaging and stunning the target with a deafening blast The target must roll Vigor at –2 or be Shaken ($50// wt 1).

Net: Traps target in a super-strong nylon net that encloses on impact and grows tighter the more the target struggles Use same rules as for the POS-1 Netgun, but apply to a single target ($100// wt 1).

Rope: Deploys a strong, super-thin nylon line allowing the firer to climb or swing his way across the city or out of imminent danger ($50// wt 2).


Trick Arrows

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