Z Belt


Limited to the realm of science fiction until recently, force fields provide the wearer protection against energy and some kinetic attacks. First developed terrestrially by famed physicist and engineer Arthur Ziggler, copies of the Ziggler Force Belt, or Z-Belt for short, found their way into the possession of many a super-criminal. Some V’sori officers use shield technology that observers theorize works on the same principles as Ziggler’s Z-Belt. Like ablative armor, the Z-Belt provides protection that degrades upon absorbing damage Unlike ablative armor, the Z-Belt can be recharged and used again without replacing the device.

A Z Belt adds +1 Armor to all locations. However, when a wound is taken it negates this first wound and the battery drains, conferring no benefit until it is recharged. A Z-Belt can be worn over other Light Armor (Kevlar, Duraweave), or reconfigured and built into Heavier Armor at double cost.

Armor +1, $500 and weight 1lb.


Z Belt

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